Classic Eyelash Extensions Masterclass

The beauty industry for beginners is an ever-evolving trade; however, many of the skills are insider knowledge and remains unimparted to new entrants. It takes an extremely experienced industry practitioner to share these secretive tricks of the trade otherwise gainable only through experience and fortune of meeting the right teachers. Moreover, we can train you at only a fraction of the costs charged by other courses, yet you will have the full benefit of those branches of knowledge plus our insider-knowhow.

Course Overview

  • This course aims to provide a basic foundation in eyelash extension artistry by providing both untrained or trained individual with easily comprehensible techniques
  • You will be taught the step-by-step technique on how to effectively do a full set of single classic eyelash extensions that is long-lasting, with minimal discomfort to the customer for maximum experience
  • You will acquire proper understanding of the different types of curls and lengths of false eyelashes suitable for different eye contours via lash mapping to give the eyes a lasting Mascara effect.
  • You will learn how to design different sets of single classic eyelash extensions that are in-demand in the eyelash industry
  • This course will also impart you knowledge on the different types of materials that false eyelashes are made from
  • The outcome of this course is to furnish you the individual with well-rounded knowledge in the art of classic eyelash extension

Topics Covered

  • This is a professional 2-day training course with easily comprehensible knowledge tailored to the untrained individual
  • Trained individuals will also benefit from giving their current knowledge a boost
  • Important hygiene ethics imparted to the aspiring eyelash stylist
  • Well-rounded understanding of different types of material that false eyelashes are made from, a branch of knowledge which most industry trainers fail to share
  • 4 qualified assistant trainers will guide you on easy and proper ways of eyelash extension (with demonstration)
  • A full practice kit (with video clips given) will be given for home practice until the next lesson
  • Submission of work for your trainer’s evaluation on the second Sunday’s course
  • Trainers will give their collective guidance for your improvement
  • You will learn different designs and types of single-strand classic eyelash extensions (Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese styles)
  • The Mascara effect and its methods of creation will be imparted to you.
  • The outcome of this course is to furnish you the individual with well-rounded knowledge in the art of classic eyelash extension.

Kiwi T

Master Trainer
JT Biz Resources

Trainer's Profile

Our trainer Ms Kiwi Tseng comes from Taiwan. She is 35 and highly-skilled in the beauty trade. A fully-certified practitioner, Ms Tseng carries under her belt ten years’ experience in eyelash extension, eyebrow embroidery and lips embroidery. Being self-taught, she began in the eyelash extension industry before moving on to eyebrow, then lips embroidery.

As a practitioner, she has been described by her customers and students to be humble and knowledgeable. Her colleagues are also amazed at her knowledge and describe her as someone easy to get along with, who is willing to share deep branches of knowledge with them about eyelash extension.

As an individual, Ms Tseng is one of the rare creatives that the current beauty industry lacks; she is vouched for by students and clients alike. Students have mentioned that they found her classes to be fun, engaging and easily comprehensible, with sharing of beauty trade methods that are rarely taught in the industry.

Besides her creative prowess, Ms Tseng’s set of skills can be said to be unique and well-rounded, a culmination of different sources. She is indeed a rare individual in today’s “just-functional” beauty trade, whose willingness to share deeper trade secrets makes her one of the most generous souls in the industry.